An example branch site on an ipad

Your branch website sorted

Your branch site – with added impact

  • Take advantage of a purpose-built theme which builds on the powerful design of UNISON’s national and regional websites.
  • Choose a powerful image from a shared image library pre-populated with key campaign, sector or regional pictures.
  • Easily include videos, tweets, image galleries and other powerful content into your stories and pages.
  • Access powerful statistics showing you how your site is faring and what content users are loving at the moment.

Your branch content – sorted

  • Create news stories, blogs, events or campaigns and show off all the work the branch is doing.
  • Coming soon: Incorporate common UNISON content into your site at the click of a button, be it our latest recruitment video, campaign content or a list of news stories or events.
  • Coming soon: Put member-only content behind a login screen, so members can see using their My UNISON
  • Create content on the go using a powerful iOS or Android editor app to add your news or images.

Your branch communications – upgraded

  • Ensure members – and potential members – can reach you using a customisable contact form.
  • Let everyone know who’s who in the branch using the built-in Branch Directory to list all branch officers and their roles.
  • Auto-publish your news stories to social media, ensuring anyone who follows your Facebook or Twitter page knows what you’re doing.

Your branch editors – supported

  • Access step-by-step help guides and videos explaining how to undertake all common tasks.
  • For a small amount extra: Subscribe to one of our support packages where UNISON Dragon Court Print Services will give you dedicated support, or even take care of adding your day-to-day content.
  • Participate in forums and regular webinars where UNISON staff and organisers discuss how to build great content and put it on your sites.

Your branch time and budget – saved

  • Take advantage of economies of scale by joining with other branches. A single small yearly subscription and you get a design and features that would cost tens of thousands of pounds to develop.
  • Your site updates with new features automatically so you never need worry about your site falling behind the pack.
  • Know your site is secure and always accessible, as it is hosted securely by us, with logins through My UNISON.
  • Coming soon: Save time and effort by quickly adding syndicated stories from the national UNISON site. You receive these in draft and can re-publish them on your site quickly and easily.

So now you’re wondering how much it costs? Find out more about pricing and support packages.