Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Content and design

Are UNISON Branch sites accessible to disabled, blind or visually impaired users?

The UNISON branch websites design is based on the design of the national UNISON site. We aim for all sites to be highly accessible to WC3 WCAG AA (accessibility) compliant. If you notice any issues, or have any trouble accessing content on a site, please email the UNISON digital team.

Can we have a logged in members only section?  

Yes there is a capability to create sections that can only be accessed by members, with login via My UNISON.

Can we host media items (PDF, Office documents, audio files, video files for download?

Documents can be uploaded, as can images. For audio and video we would recommend specialist audio and video sites (Youtube etc.) as they will auto-embed on the site and the speed of download will be faster using these services.

Can we embed non-image media items (e.g. videos) within pages?

Yes you can include media from a very wider range of sites and services automatically in any page. This includes video from Youtube, Vimeo or others, Twitter tweets and many other types of content.


Can we move our existing branch domain across to the new site?

Yes. We provide documentation on how to set up the domain so that it points to a particular site on the UNISON branches platform.

How much storage space is included in the price? 

No space limitations are planned, we would be very surprised if branches were to use huge amounts of space. There will be limitations on file sizes however – 10mb maximum.

What platform does the branch websites system run on?

The branch websites platform is built on WordPress – the largest and most popular website authoring system in the world.

Does the website work on all browsers?

The site is designed to work on IE 7+, the latest versions of Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

The decision on which browsers to support is made based on which browsers see substantial numbers of visits to the national UNISON site.

How often is the system updated?

UNISON pays our developers to keep WordPress up-to-date, and would usually expect to have the latest version within a few weeks at the very latest – often quicker (and very fast indeed for security updates).

Are updates included in the price?

Yes all updates is included in the price.

Is the system secure from hacks and denial of service attacks?

The branch websites platform is hosted on SiteGround who put in place a wide variety of security measures to protect their server. UNISON also ensures the WordPress platform is kept up-to-date with all the latest security updates.

How often are sites backed up and can sites be restored?

Our servers are backed up daily. We will be able to restore an individual site from this if there are specific problems.

Can you add your own plugins?

For security reasons, we do not allow branches to add their own plugins. However the Digital Team will review any plugin requests we receive and see what interest there is in them from other branches. If there is an interest, each plugin needs to be code reviewed and tested extensively before being launched to all branch sites.


What reports/dashboards are provided?

We will be offering full statistics through Google Analytics. Additionally we are planning to offer a high-level dashboard on our own dashboarding platform.